Hope for the City

Usually I like to keep posts short and sweet, but this one is worth the read. PLEASE read about this amazing Minnesota based program!

Last month we participated in the annual Hope for the City's "Celebration of Hope Gala". This inspiring program benefits families in need by redistributing corporate excess. It's a truly unique approach to battling poverty. We were one of many vendors to offer a donation for this year's fundraiser. Hope for the City exceeded their goal this year, raising over $368,000 for the program!!! For more on this amazing organization, see below. 

Our donation to the silent auction. 

"Similar to the role of a “broker,” Hope for the City’s innovative program model leverages corporate surplus to fight poverty, locally and internationally, by collecting surplus food, personal care items, medical technology and supplies and other goods from companies, medical facilities and farms.  Then, through strong relationships with over 75 local and international community partner organizations, Hope for the City ensures that the food and goods reach the people most in need, while simultaneously preventing hundreds of tons of items from going to our landfills.
Not only does Hope for the City redistribute goods that benefit people, versus spending a lifetime in landfills, they provide these services with a high degree of efficiency and cost-effectiveness.  In 2010, Hope for the City was named the “Best Bang for the Buck” non-profit organization by the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal with over 98% of resources going directly toward programs, versus administrative costs.  Last year alone, over $34 million in wholesale value of goods was distributed, bringing the 10 year total to over $480 million!" 

Jennifer McGee
Development Director