Guest Post by Alyson Newquist

After partnering with Alyson on her recent wedding and being completely and utterly amazed by exactly how beautiful collaborations can be, we asked her to do a guest post for our blog. Prior to her wedding we spent several meetings working through our ideas and settling upon a plan of action for Alyson to attack her DIY wedding without the stress of DIY. The result was a picture perfect wedding combining the skills of industry professionals and individual touches that can only come from DIY. Here are her thoughts on the whole she-bang. (And a peak at some images from her affair.)

Photos Courtesy of Photogen, Inc.

"I am not the kind of person A) who saves things, or B) who thought she would look back longingly on her wedding day.  For some reason though I couldn’t part with my bouquet from Munster Rose because it was so amazing.  I hung it upside down and decided I would somehow save it to be part of my children’s’ (who don’t exist yet) weddings.  Perhaps they will sew a dried petal to the inside of one of their dresses, I thought, or place it in a locket.  These are not the kind of thoughts I think.  My bouquet was so beautiful it turned me into an emotional-attachment-about-flowers kind of lady, which is unexpected to say the least.  What is even more surprising is how often I find myself looking at photos of the arrangements from my wedding.  I don’t really look back to see my wife and I on a super happy day or my family all together having fun.  Nope, I look at the floral arrangements.  The one I especially look at is this vintage trunk/bottle carrying case that Jackie managed to turn into the most voluminous arrangement I’ve ever seen.  If there was a spray you could spray on flowers that cost hundreds of dollars but made them last forever I would have bought and used it for this arrangement.  

The funny thing about all of this is that I didn’t think I needed floral arrangements or bouquets for my wedding.  I thought that I had enough details and I could just go to a farmers market or cut wildflowers or order flowers online.  I hadn’t even considered floral really until a friend of mine came to Minneapolis to shoot Munster Rose’s website shots and a couple of the arrangements happened to make it back to our house, where the photographer stayed while she was in town.  I was so obsessed with the bouquet and arrangements that slept over at our house that my fianc√© insisted I prioritize floral for our wedding.  She said that she had never seen me act so excited about one aspect in particular of a wedding, which is a big deal considering we were in the process of opening a wedding venue at the time and I am generally obsessed with most things wedding-related.  So I contacted Jackie and told her about our wedding and in addition to the amazing bouquets, boutonni√®res, and arrangements she made she ordered the most amazing flowers for us to use as single flowers in antique bottles.  I would have never been able to order flowers myself or think about ordering them in the months leading up to my wedding.  And I certainly never would have found time to flounce around cutting wildflowers or go to the farmers market the week of my wedding.  

Jackie completely understood that I wanted to have my bridesmaids each create their own chalice instead of a bouquet so it would represent them and so they could adorn the ceremony stage.  She ordered the perfect flowers for this for us.  She understood that I wanted a bouquet that represented my personality and that my wife (who gets a little less excited about bouquets) wanted something different for her personality.  She nailed all of the pieces and understood that DIY and high-end floral can go hand in hand.  Most florists will start with colors or types of flowers.  Munster Rose is willing to start with the feel of your wedding and the personality of those involved in it.  People may tend to think floral isn’t important as weddings get more personalized and the unwritten rules change allowing couples the freedom of going big on certain aspects of their weddings and scaling back on others.  I didn’t think floral was that important at first.  I WAS WRONG.  Our floral made our wedding.  

The photo of us walking down the aisle after our ceremony is my favorite.  The colors in our bouquets and how they correspond with our dresses make the photo.  I’ve learned from my own wedding and from other weddings I’ve worked in the event industry that there are things your guests notice and things they don’t.  The number one thing they notice is the feel of the event.  It could storm all day and be dreary but if you have a tent or a room filled with flowers, or your attendants beside you with beautiful floral pieces adorning themselves and the space around all of you, no amount of overcast can make that day less emblazoned on your guests’ minds.  I got married on July 23rd in 60-degree weather after a week with a heat index of 115 degrees.  It stormed so bad that day that our dance floor had a moat around it....  No one remembers the moat but my mother in law called my wife the other day (two months after our wedding) to tell her how she started welling up with tears recently telling someone about the details of our wedding and how the person she was telling started welling up with tears too.  Our details would not have been the same without Munster Rose and I can’t recommend or thank them enough.  Choosing to incorporate floral in a real way into your wedding and choosing Munster Rose to make that happen are two choices you will never regret.  Having to go to the farmers market or chance that online flowers are a color you like, now that you might regret."
-Alyson Newquist

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