The founders of Blogshop – Bri Emery of Design Love Fest and and Angela Kohler of Angela and Ithyle – are superstars in the blogosphere right now. So we were SUPER pumped to be part of their Minneapolis session, providing florals and a hand-crafted photo backdrop.

Both uber-talented ladies bring a whole new level of inspiration to the world of design; just partaking in their recent venture to the Cities was an eye-opening, socks-knocking experience.

Below are some behind the scenes pics (mostly captured via iphone) of #blogshopmpls. For more pics, visit photos just went live today!

Preparing the fabric for our backdop! Tear, dip, dye, dry. Repeat for 8 hours. 
The finished product!
Yummy Candles by Illume

FYI, if you want to see even MORE pics, search #blogshopmpls via instagram. Lots to see folks.