Fancy Flora Catalog

It just makes sense.  After spending hours on google over the years looking for the perfect image of a certain bloom to show our clients... we decided to put together a catalog of our own.  These images are as true to the blooms as possible- no flash distortion, no color alteration, just pretty nice flowers in pretty nice photos.  (Of course we'll be adding to our catalog, but here's what we've got for now!) 
lilacs- fragrant and fleeting.  available may- june
hues: white, lavender, purple

garden roses- fragrant, pricey, but worth every penny.  "petally" and gorgeous.   available year-round.
hues: pretty much any color!

succulents: juicy added texture.  available year-round in a variety of shapes, and sizes.
hues: nearly every shade of green or gray, plus dusty pink

forsythia- flowering branches.  available early spring.
hue: bright lemon yellow florets amongst dark brown branches
 coreopsis- wild summer blooms.  available june-august.
hues: warm golden yellow, sometimes seen with black centers

sweet peas- subtle fragrance and tender tendrils.  available may-june
hues: lavender, purple, pale pink, bright pink, coral and white

lisianthus- delicate paper-like rosettes.  available year-round.
hues: white, butter yellow, mauve!, lavender, purple, and white with purple edging

ahhhh, peonies- big, delectable, fragrant, and "petally".  available may-june and november-january.
hues: white, pastel pink, medium pink, hot pink, magenta, red, and coral

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