Seemingly Lame, Secretly Stylin': Baby's Breath

We heart baby's breath--and think you should too.  

A few weeks ago while trying to convince someone that "baby's breath really is coolreally, just trust me", this idea came to me. There are so many amazing flowers out there that get a bad wrap. Enter, "Seemingly Lame, Secretly Stylin". This will be a reoccurring segment on our blog to show everyone it's not what you have, it's how you use it.

If someone had been trying to talk you into baby's breath what horrible 80's visions might come to mind... prom corsages, carnation arrangements, the "cloud" bouquet... blech! So, we staged this backyard photo shoot to try and debunk the myths of baby's breath. It's a perfect little flower. Think "baby showers, bridal showers, a ladies luncheon, and (OF COURSE) a wedding"!!! Oh, the possibilities....  


Thanks to my business partner (mom), and my aunt for all their help with this shoot. There was a lot of "No move this over an inch. Let's take the ladder to the other side of the house now. Get the dog away from the cupcakes!" It was a fun couple of days!    

Thanks to Sweets Bakeshop too for the delicious and photogenic cupcakes!

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